Samuel Judson |

I am a doctoral student at Yale CPSC, advised by Ruzica Piskac. My research interests lie in developing techniques to guarantee the correct, secure, transparent, and private operation of computational systems through formal methods and applied cryptography. I also have considerable interest in the political, legal, and social structures we build around technology, and the histories thereof. I received my undergraduate degree from Marlboro College, advised by Jim Mahoney and Matt Ollis, where my Plan of Concentration focused on cryptographic authentication.

Curriculum Vitae


  1. Privacy Preserving Model Checking

    Under Submission

    — with Ning Luo, Timos Antonopoulos, and Ruzica Piskac.

  2. Authentication: Techniques and Theory [pdf]

    Marlboro College Plan of Concentration (Undergraduate Thesis), 2016.